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choosing a first computer
Best Buy Laptops

computer adviser best buy laptops and other computer hardware.

If your in the market for a new notebook read our review on the superb Acer Aspire AS5742 6475 laptop.



MS Home Decor – For all your home decor needs


stop laptop overheating problemsStop Laptop Overheating

Stop Your Laptop Computer From Overheating

Laptop getting a little hot under the collar? Find out what’s causing this before it causes any real damage.


computer adviser choosing a laptop pc for youGetting the Right Laptop Pc

Want a new Desktop or Laptop computer , need pc help? Read our laptop buying tips to find the right laptop for your needs.

Getting the right laptop can save you both time and money, Covering..

Laptop size – Processor – RAM – Screen type – USB ports – Hard drive size & type.


slow acrobat printingSlow PDF Printing

Whether your creating modifying or printing a Slow PDF printing

Find out how to speed it up PDF file when everything works its a superb
format, but that happens when you encounter issues such as slow printing..


Is My Computer Hacked ? Find Out

Is your computer hacked? This is a commonly asked question, after all if your computer exhibits unusual behaviour such as crashing, freezing, runningis my computer hacked find out how to tell slow this could be the case.

Find out how to check and if the worst has happened, what the repercussions could be and what preventative measures should be taken.


viewing computer configurationViewing Computer Configuration

Viewing Your Computer Configuration is valuable, knowing the specification of your computer is essential for a number of reasons, not only can it be used as a bench mark in terms of the overall performance you should be getting, but its also a great way to find out what bottlenecks your computer has and what is slowing it down.


dual core laptop upgradeAcer Aspire 5050 Processor Upgrade

Acer Aspire 5050 Processor Upgrade GuideUpgrading a laptops processor can be a real tough task, but it is possible as we at Computer Adviser found out when turned our Acer Aspire 5051 into a flying machine by upgrading the CPU from a single core AMD Turion to a dual core.


Slow WIFI Connection

Having a WIFI connected laptop computer is Fixing Slow Wifi Connection Issuesgreat, no wires, being able to surf from anywhere in range of your router, but what if your WIFI connection is SLOW? Not so great eh! Find out ways to increase your WIFI performance.


How to Install DVD Writer

How to Install DVD Writer GuideInstalling and fault finding when installing a new DVD or CD writer, find out what goes where and why an audio cable is probably needed.


Keyboard Problems

If you have a problem that turns out to be an actual hardware issue with the keyboard itself they are generally cheap to buy and easy to install, anyone can plug in a keyboard, but what if the issue is not with the keyboard? What’s the next step?


Choosing a First Computer

Choosing a First Computer Which Computer Guide, buying your first computer can be a daunting experience with so much choice, read our which computer guide where we explain about computer types, helping you decide what would ideal for your needs.


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